Wiffle Ball

Wiffle Ball has been part of my life ever since I turned 9. My friends have been coming over to play it on our suburban driveway since that time. We have been hosting daily games in the summer for the past 5 years, not letting vacations stop our love for the game. Of course, we might play a little differently than everybody else, but who doesn’t like to change the rules of games that you play almost every day!? This outdoor game is perfect for any kid to play in their backyard, or in a real stadium for all that matters. I will teach you all you need to know about the game, from the swings, to the pitches, to the size of the field! When it comes to this game, I am your go-to guy.

I have heard that there are tournaments and leagues that play this game with the classic rules. They can be found all over the country, and there is probably one that is located near you. But the only problem with some of these leagues is that they use the rules where there is no base running or fielding. If you would like to play this game a lot and with a new group of people, try looking for a league or tournament near you.

We don’t just play this game at our house; we host a World Series! This game deserves some respect, which we give it in the annual summer classic. Kids from all over our neighborhood gather to join in on the drama, the homeruns, and the suspense of the games. This tradition has soon grown to include two teams of 4 each, and scheduled games. Next year we hope to move to a bigger field, and maybe play with more teams. If you love this game, take it to the extremes, and follow in our footsteps.

Each page including under his page will explain some part of this immensely popular outdoor game. As I said above, I will also go through every aspect of this game. If you want to know what the ideal length to pitch the ball from, you will find it here. If you wanted to know just how far you need to hit a homerun, you will also find it. Basically, everything about the game is on this page waiting to be read by readers like you. So, let’s get started!

Before I give you the information, or meat of this game, I would like to let you know that there are two different sets of rules used in this game, each changing the game drastically. One of them is more like baseball and this is the version that I play every time. The other version, considered the classic and original, is rarely played on my backyard. It uses a rule that really bothers me, no fielding or base running! You can read more about these two different variations on my Rules page.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff! Under this short paragraph, you will discover the most valuable information on this page. Each link also comes with a short description that will help you find the exact information you are looking for, so you will most likely leave this page with enough knowledge to go out and play the game in the great outdoors!

  • Wiffle Ball Pitches: This page will teach you every pitch you need to know so you can fool your friends and rack up the strikeouts. It will even include some of our made up (but effective) pitches too!!
  • Wiffle Balls: There are many different wiffle balls out there, just waiting to be smacked apart at the hands of a homerun hitter. This page will inform you on what kind of wiffle balls to buy, and how to prepare them for the perfect pitch.
  • Wiffle Ball Bats: This page gives you a tour through the large collection of bats that I own. They range in size and shape, making it easier (or harder) to hit the ball.
  • Wiffle Ball Fields: How far is the pitching mound we use for a daily game? How long is a classic homerun ball? How far will I be running as I round the bases? All of these questions will be answered as I give you the correct measurements for a perfect ball park.
  • Wiffle Ball Rules: The two variations of this game have lived together in harmony, until now. You will find out what rules to play by, and what rules to leave on the bench, for every classic game needs to be played in its own special way.

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